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Vast Collection Of Ceramic Wall & Floor Tiles From Imola Ceramica

If you’re looking for a world-class ceramic tile range, then look no further than Imola Ceramica. Imola Ceramica’s origins are in the production of tableware and majolica. But in 1913 they branched out into wall and floor tile production and have never looked back. Now Imola Ceramica tiles are sought after the world over. They are prolific designers, launching between 10 and 20 new tile ranges every year. What this means for you is a vast and varied selection of state-of-the-art products at affordable prices. There’s something in the Imola Cermica range to suit every style, décor and taste.

Beautiful tile choices

Our Tile Brands

We also stock the best brands on the market!

We also stock the best tile brands on the market! Please take a look at a selection of the brands we offer below. Remember, visiting our tile showroom in High Wycombe will give you the full experience of our tile range.

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